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I now live in Mexico and cannot maintain content on this site. The current content is available, but is not being updated anymore.


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I started this site about 20 years ago as a local residents guide to Vancouver. Over the years it has become large & unmanageable and outdated web design. So, I am working on a new look and upgrade which I hope to have complete by early summer 2015. This will also make the site compatible with mobile devices. As you navigate through this site, you will end up on the old outdated site a lot (Simply select "HOME" to return here). I will update photos when I take more this summer. The current ones date back to dial up days when super low res was a necessity for speed.


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I have separated this site into some main categories, such as where to stay, how to get around and local attractions. There are a bunch of lessor categories you can find under "Misc". I will be dropping some of the more obscure ones as I do the redesign. Some people have ventured deep into my old site and never been seen again. Since BC is a popular destination for RV rentals, I have a lot of information on camping, based out of Vancouver. .

About this site

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My name is Paul Beddows, I have lived in the Vancouver area most of my life. I am now retired and I live in the suburbs. I spend about 6 moinths a year living in Mexico where I lead tour groups around the country in RV's as a Wagon Master (see I spend my summers in Vancouver. You will find more information about me at the "About" link



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