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History of this Site:

The site was started in 1998. It began as a general travel site, evolved into a backpackers site, & then into a full Vancouver Tourism Site. The domain name (hm stands for Heard & McDonald Islands, 2 rocks off Antarctica) was acquired in late 1998. The site has undergone 5 name changes. The first name, Paul & Megan's Travel Page became redundant when we divorced, the second name "Vancouver-Spectacular by Nature" generated a lettter from the lawyers for Vancouver Tourism, who had the term copyrighted. The 3rd name Vancouver-Mountains, City & Sea, I rather liked but I dropped it in favour of Vancouver dot Travel. I had been wating for Vancouver Tourism who has since grabbed to come after me over that name, but I have had it long before they registered that domain. However, with the re-design of this site, I have kept it simple & generic. I've always tried to keep the focus on imparting local knowledge, and making suggestions on how to visit this city as cheaply as possible. I had resisted offers to advertise on it, and have prided myself on keeping it non-commercial. I have been receiving offers to purchase this site, so in order to resist temptation, I have decided to start accepting limited advertising in 2004.


My name is Paul . I'm an ex-pat Brit, and I have been fortunate to have lived most of my life in one of the worlds most beautiful cities - Vancouver, Canada. I have no joined the ranks of the retired, having worked for the local telephone company for the past 30 years.  I spend a lot of time travelling and I have been to about 50 Countries over the last 30 years. I usually like to do low-budget backpacking type trips. I did do one "tour", but it was across Africa in a truck with a bunch of people half my age. Not exactly a cruise ship, I had to help dig the thing out of the mud, clear roads, etc (see Africa) . Now i have reached 65, my backpacking days are largely over, especially since my second sife has physical limitations. We now spend most of our travel in an RV (recreational vehicle)

 I have done such diverse things as building houses for Habitat for Humanity in 3rd world countries to doing an environmental study of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. (My wife has the qualifications, I'm her test tube washer) Unfortunately, I only recently started keeping a log, so I have limited information on those trips on this site. You will find it in the "My Travels" section. I live with my wife, Terry (a girl, by the way, despite the spelling - she taught Environmental Chemistry), and Tomas, a Mexican stray dog I picked up in Baja. I was born in the U.K. in 1949 and immigrated here with my parents in 1957. We lived in Smithers, a small town in northern BC, during my High School years.

In late 2007, I moved to Abbotsford about 80 km east of Vancouver. It was the only way I could afford a single floor home without taking on a mortgage. I now live in Mexico for 6 months a year. I have become involved with a Mexican company, "Caravanas de Mexico". I orient their customers & lead RV caravan tours down there, returning to Vancouver in summer. Their web site is I also present seminars at many RV shows on how to RV safely in Mexico. If you want to meet me, sign up for their Fall caravan, I am usually the Wagon Master on that one.