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If you want to do some hiking, there are numerous trails, especially along the road from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish. Some are marked, but you can spot most of them if you keep a sharp lookout. Most are quite steep and usually end up at an Alpine Lake. There are also many other hikes within easy reach of Vancouver, some are even accessible by transit. Lynn Headwaters, for example) If you are interested in hiking, it is worth buying a copy of "103 Hikes in SW British Columbia" (You can order it online by clicking the link, or pick it up in virtually any Vancouver Bookstore) This book contains descriptions and maps of most of the trails, and is quite good. Also recommended is "Best Hikes & Walks in Southwest BC" . NEVER go hiking in BC without letting someone know where you are. If you fall down an embankment, they may find your bones a couple of years later, especially if you are a visitor, and not missed. This is especially important in the winter months, when there are fewer other hikers around. It is also a good idea to carry a cell phone if you have one, although you have to be close to civilization or a major highway for it to work. Some trails have registration booths at their start. This allows the Ranger to know if someone has not returned. Fill out the card at the start and end of your hike, for your own safety. So far, the government bears the cost of rescuing lost hikers, but there are moves afoot to pass some of costs for helicopters, etc. on to the rescued party, especially if negligence is involved. There are usually about 50 hikers a year that require rescuing and a couple of fatalities are not unusual. A recent irritating development is the presence of mountain bikers on hiking trails. They can be very annoying (unless you happen to be one of course), and the bikes can turn a pleasant trail into a sea of mud. Hikers have right-of-way, but some bikers don't observe this. If you are thinking of hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, check the link in the table below. Also check the "Backpacking in BC" Link in the table below for some descriptions of hikes. There is also a link for less strenuous escorted walks around Vancouver.

Chances are you may encounter a Bear while hiking. Mostly these are Black Bear who are more concerned with avoiding you, than the other way around. Your chances of running into a Cougar is more remote. Check out my Camping section for detailed information on Wildlife hazards.

Hiking Links

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Taigaworks is a Vancouver based outdoor store that has been around for years. When I traveled throguh Europe, the Middle East & Asia in the early 70's, it was with a Taiga backpack. I still have it, and after over 35 years of use, it is still in good shape, albeit dirty. I actually just tried to donate it to the Salvation Army but it was too dirty for them. Their loss.

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Horse Back Riding

Poole Creek Stables-Whistler (no web site) Phone 604-932-8666
Adventure Ranch - Pemberton (near Whistler -no web site) Phone 604-932-5078
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Best Place for Surfing is the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This is considered some of the best surfing in the world, especially in winter, but you definitely need a heavy mil wet suit. Be careful, though, there have been some nasty turf wars, between surfers, as is the case in most parts of the world, where this is hardly a gentleman's sport. Most surf companies are located in Tofino. To get there you need to take a ferry to Nanaimo & then bus to Tofino.

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