Probably the best place to do Sea Kayaking is the west coast of Vancouver Island in areas such as Nootka, Barkley, Clayoquot & Kyuquot Sounds. The area feature sandy beaches, numerous small islands and tons of wildlife including whales. Many of these areas have native Indian villages and this is an opportunity to come in contact with them. Some of companies in the table below can arrange things for you. As far as white water rafting is concerned, you can find rivers ranging from easy class 1 & 2 up to class 4 & 5. Most rivers change classification depending on the time of year and the water levels. Probably the most popular run is the Thompson River which is generally a maximum of class 4 with several class 3 rapids. This river runs through a very arid canyon and the high heat tends to offset the cold water of the river. This river can be combined as a 2 day trip with the Fraser River. The Fraser has only a few rapids but it does include the class 5 Hells Gate rapid. Special rafts are required on the Fraser, Hells Gate is actually close to a class 6, but with the boats used and the specially trained guides, even a novice can do it. The Nahatlatch is a class 4 and class 5 river. I have not tried it yet, my recent near drowning experience in the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe has made me a little shy, but they say if you can raft the Zambezi, you can raft anything. Rafting in BC is highly regulated and as safe as possible, but fatalities have occurred. Check with your Travel Insurance to make sure you are covered for this activity.

The most popular canoeing route in BC is the Bowron Lakes circuit. You need about 8 days to do this. The start point is about 40 km from the historic town of Barkerville. Go to this link for info http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/bowron_lk/ . Also check out the link to Fresh Tracks below if you want to do it with an organized tour. If you want to do something a little tamer, try renting a canoe at Lightning lake Picnic ground, about 60 km east of Hope on Highway 3. This is a pleasant one day excursion and is beautiful. It is very difficult to get into the campground there, go to my camping section and click on the BC Parks link to make a reservation.

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