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Night Skiing on Grouse Mountain, Vancouver


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General Information:

Since my Website is not primarily a Ski site, I do not pretend to be able to do a better job than those which are. My main object is to steer you to the best sources of the specific information you are seeking. This page, therefore, consists mainly of links to specific Ski Resort Websites and also to some other Websites dedicated to Skiing and nothing else. I have, however provided some general information of my own, that I hope you will find useful. I try to update the outlook section above on a weekly basis, at least, and I tend to modify it once or twice during the week to reflect current conditions.

British Columbia, Western Alberta and Washington State have some of the finest Ski areas in the world. Whistler is the best known, but there are many other ski areas, most of which are considerably cheaper than the upscale Whistler area. The problem with Whistler is its lack of cheap accommodation , although there is a Hostel there. There are links to other accommodations in the tables below. Whistler can be subject to fog and other adverse weather conditions due to its proximity to the coast. Snow at Whistler tends to be stickier and heavier than that found in the interior resorts. If you are willing to travel a little further inland, you will be rewarded with some of the best powder skiing and snowboarding to be found anywhere in the world at reasonable prices. I'm not trying to discourage you from visiting Whistler. There's no place like it especially if you are into the après ski scene. Just consider visiting some of the other less well known resorts.

Vancouver City Ski Mountains:

 Vancouver city itself, has 3 Top Notch Ski areas all within 30 minutes of downtown, some of which can be accessed by public transportation. They are in order from West to East, Cypress Bowl, Grouse & Seymour. Of the 3, Cypress probably has the most variety, offering  Downhill , Cross-Country Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing & Tobogganing. Rentals are available. Grouse offers Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing & Skating.  Seymour offers, Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Tobogganing & Snowshoeing. Of the 3 mountains, you can only drive up Seymour & Cypress. Grouse requires riding up on a cable car. The only disadvantage to the local mountains as compared to Whistler is the shorter season & unpredictability of conditions. These peaks are at a lower altitude and closer to the Ocean. Generally speaking they are at their prime during January & February. They have the big advantage of being considerably cheaper than Whistler.

The Ski season technically ranges from late November to Mid-April depending on Altitude and distance from the Coast. In reality, though, Ski seasons usually run from mid to late December through March with the best Skiing during January and February. Some Ski areas use snow machines to compensate for poor conditions, but these still depend on "below freezing" temperatures. It usually takes until late December before a good base is established in most ski areas. Obviously, the further north you go, and the higher the altitude, the longer the season.

Whistler: See my "Whistler" Section for specific info on Whistler and how to get there. Book Whistler Hotels online by clicking here

If you know of any other links I should add or you run a website on Skiing, E-Mail me and I will add it.

Buying equipment & Ski Lessons: Ski Lessons in Downhill, X-Country & Snowboarding are available on nearly all local Mountains (no X-Country at Grouse). In Vancouver, the best place to buy equipment is in the vicinity of Burrard & 4th Ave. There are several outlets clustered in this area, specializing in Snowboards & Skis. For X-Country equipment, your best bet is Sigges in the 2000 block of 4th Ave. They also rent equipment & organize tours.

Gay Ski Week:

This is held annually in early February. See Gay Ski Week in Whistler- February

There is also a Gay Ski & Snowboard club: The Greater Vancouver Gay and Lesbian Ski and Snowboard Club


Cross Country Trail on Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver.

There are 4 tables below for Current Conditions/Ski Resorts/ Tour Operators and Other Links.



The Table below contains links to current Ski Condition Information for most BC and NW Washington State Resorts. I have found them not too good at keeping information up to date at times. Its usually a better bet to visit the website of the particular resort you are interested in in the second table below. There are also Ski Information Phone lines available in Greater Vancouver. Try the talking Yellow Pages at (604) 299-9000, Box 3070. Most Local Mountains also have their own Snow Condition lines. You will find the numbers to these by visiting their websites below.

Ski-BC Complete BC Ski Site
Road Reports Web Page BC Highway Conditions
Ski Report & Snow Conditions Another source for current BC Ski Conditions
SkiWashington Northwest Washington State


The information on Ski Resorts in the table below is separated by general area: Vancouver, The Okanagan, The Kootenays, Vancouver Island, The National parks (Banff & Jasper), Northern BC, and Washington State. There are many others, but those with web sites are listed below. Some info on resorts without their own Websites can be found in the links to other skiing oriented pages in the last table at the bottom. Check the Tours table for Tours to Ski Resorts. You can also access many areas by Greyhound Bus or Train from Vancouver. Some are as much as a 2 day trip away, though. I have also included some links to Ski Lodges, and reservation services. If you operate such a facility and would like to be added, E-Mail me and I will be happy to add your resort. (E-Mail)

Vancouver City & Nearby Ski Hills  
Whistler Mountain Resort North America's premier Ski area (Day Drive from Van.)
Whistler's Finest Small Inns Condo and small Inn accommodation at Whistler
Whistler Blackcomb Reservations Online Reservations for Whistler
Whistler Accommodations Online Reservations (B&B & Condo) for Whistler
Grouse Mountain (City Bus Accessible) Local Vancouver Ski Hill
Mount Seymour Resorts (Shuttle Bus Accessible) Local Vancouver Ski Hill
Cypress Bowl OnLine (Shuttle Bus Accessible) Local Vancouver Ski Hill
Hemlock Valley Resort (You need a vehicle for this one) Fraser Valley Ski Hill (just East of Vancouver)
Mt. Baker Ski Area (4000 Meter Volcano, you need a vehicle) Washington State Mountain, close to Vancouver
Okanagan/Southern Interior  
Big White Ski Resort Kelowna Area (Okanagan)
Crystal Mountain Kelowna Area (Okanagan)
Crystal Mountain X-Country Kelowna Area (Okanagan)
Apex Mountain Resort Penticton Area (Okanagan)
Silver Star Mountain Resort Winter Vernon Area (Okanagan)
Sun Peaks Resort Kamloops Area (Okanagan-Thompson)
Sun Peaks Hostel New Hostel (1999) at Sun Peaks
Kodiak Timber Lodge at Sun Peaks Resort Kamloops Area (Okanagan-Thompson)
Sundance Lodge at Sun Peaks Kamloops Area (Okanagan-Thompson)
Harper Mountain (can't locate a website) Kamloops Area (Okanagan-Thompson)
Manning Park Resort 3 Hour drive from Vancouver on Hwy 3
South East Interior  
Red Mountain Home Page Kootenay Area of BC (South East BC)
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort - Ski Kootenay Area of BC (South East BC)
Welcome to Whitewater Ski Resort Kootenay Area of BC (South East BC)
Ski Fernie Kootenay Area of BC (South East BC)
Kimberley Ski Resort Kootenay Area of BC (South East BC)
Panorama Mountain Village Kootenay Area of BC (South East BC)
Island Lake Lodge (Fernie) Kootenay Area of BC (South East BC)
Vancouver Island  
Mt. Washington Resort Vancouver Island Ski Area
Skiing, Snowboarding on Vancouver Island Vancouver Island Website, some general info
The Rockies  
Lake Louise Ski Resort - Lake Louise, Alberta - Main Page Skiing in Banff National Park
Panorama Mountain Village Banff Area Resort
Marmot Basin - Jasper, Alberta Skiing in Jasper National Park
Revelstoke Mountain Resort Revelstoke, BC
Northern Interior/Cariboo  
Ski Smithers Northern BC Resort (Longer season)
Mt. Timothy Near 100 Mile House (Cariboo)
Powder King Northern BC, near Mackenzie
Washington State, USA  
White Pass Near Yakima in Eastern Washington
Mission Ridge Near Wenatchee in Eastern Washington
Mount Baker NW Washington near Vancouver/Bellingham


The Table below contains Information on Companies that offer tours to Ski Areas, or activities within those areas. I do not personally endorse any of them. Tour operators in BC are heavily regulated and you will probably be happy with the services of any of those listed below. Note that helicopter skiing can be risky, mainly due to avalanche conditions that cannot always be predicted. Several deaths have occurred over the years due to this activity and you do it at your own risk. Operators make it as safe as possible, but there are inherent risks involved. (Its interesting to note that they usually manage to kill foreigners, rather than locals, maybe tourists get a little more careless). I've already mentioned it before, but be careful about skiing in "out of bounds" areas. They are starting to charge people for their rescue costs in cases where they feel negligence is involved. In some cases this can amount to several thousand dollars. An average of 10-12 people a year die in Avalanches in BC. Back Country & Out-of-Bounds skiing accounts for the bulk of them. In 2003, one incident in January claimed 7 lives, and they were skiing with a reputable operator with an exemplary safety record. In February another 7, this time high school students were killed in another avalanche. If i was a back country skier, I would invest in an airbag backpack, available for about $500 US, it will keep you on the surface of an avalanche.

Helicopter Skiing Helicopter Skiing (Kootenays)
R.K. Heli Ski Helicopter Skiing (Kootenays)
Selkirk Mountain CAT Skiing Another CAT Skiing operation (Kootenays)
mailto:catski@junction.net (note E-mail only) CAT Ski operation in Revelstoke (Rockies)


The table below contains links to other Ski Information pages. Unlike this page, these pages are dedicated to Skiing only and will contain more detailed information than I offer on my Web Site.

Intrawest Home Page of the people who own Whistler Resort
SkiWashington Info of skiing in Washington State
British Columbia Skiing BC Ski Info Page
Welcome to Skiing B.C. Online. Another good Ski Info page
SKInet Canada Another good Ski Info Page (Canada wide)
Snowboard Guide Front Page Snowboarding-whole West Coast

This individual claims he can help with finding ski jobs at Whistler. Here is his E-mail: Ski-Jobs@itchyfeetadventures.com You can also try the website of Intrawest who run the Whistler resort. They have an employment section. A seasonal employment link can sometimes be found at Employment Opportunities at Whistler Blackcomb Mountains. A new site opening in 2001 is http://www.whistler-jobs.com